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7 Tips to Master Content marketing for Emails

#1 Headlines – This is the very first thing your subscriber is going to see when they first open your email so make sure that the message is clear and concise and that it is related to your subject line. You can experiment here. Maybe you want to try using a link? Maybe you want to place a call to action? When you make changes, you are going to need to analyze to see how those changes are working. #2 [...]

Why offer Free Content ?

Why is it so important to give before we can take. Offering free content is a great way to build trust. Lets look at types of content you can offer for free. Let’s have a look at a few great ways to hook your visitor by giving him something free. 1. E-book or whitepaper – Create around six blog posts that discuss a similar topic(s) and then combine them to make yourself an e-book or whitepaper. Depending on the length of [...]

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